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Derek Cederblad hat am 22.01.2010 03:56:37 geschrieben :

I Come From A Land Downunder
Gday cobber
I am an n gauge person too and love your model of Hogwarts and have even purchased the church ready to get the project underway.Should I wait now until your church model is ready?
Kind regards

Clayton hat am 23.12.2009 13:33:46 geschrieben :

Thank you very much for sharing your work.
Youve obviously made quite the effort.

I am an Australian in Japan. Cheers...!

Robert Dawkins hat am 23.12.2009 00:26:55 geschrieben :

Hogwarts Castle
Thank you for the download! I am in Starke, Florida, USA....

Larry Donsbach hat am 13.12.2009 03:02:37 geschrieben :

The Wizard Castle
The Wizard Castle is just great. Thank you very much for all your time and effort.

From San Antonio, Texas, USA, Larry

Bengt F hat am 26.11.2009 18:51:17 geschrieben :

Hogwarts Castle, Hagrid´s Cabin, and Quidditch Arena.
Thank you for sharing a wonderful Hogwatys castle model! Everytime I see a new Harry Potter film, I always think about what it would be like to build a big model of the castle. I will certainly try my best to build your model some day, perhaps even adding LED lighting and transparent windows. We´ll see . . .
BF, Sweden

Klaus hat am 25.11.2009 01:55:27 geschrieben :

answer for Gedgaudas
Hello, dear Gedgaudas,
unfortunately I always get my mails back again, when I write to you. Please check your email address. You (and all other visitors aswell) are welcome to ask me your questions.

Many thanks to all of you writing in my guestbook. Today I will update the statistics aswell - after 6 months online

Much fun and success for all of you

Gedgaudas hat am 16.11.2009 19:45:42 geschrieben :

hi, im Gedgaudas from Vilnius, Lithuania. I really liked your wizard castle model so i downloaded it. could you send me a photo of a completed castle? thank you very much

David Gonzalez hat am 05.11.2009 08:00:17 geschrieben :

Thank You From Mexico
PERFECT!!, great work, now you are a hero, Potter`s fans around the world will be glad for your effort, in name of all of them: THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Mexico City, Mexico.
(Thank You, a Hold)

Bengt hat am 24.10.2009 23:24:59 geschrieben :

Thank you for the wizard castle
It is beautiful. Planning to resize it to H0 size and build it in playwood.

Pekka Rautajoki hat am 08.10.2009 12:53:34 geschrieben :

Fantastic model!
Hi! Been looking for a model for this castle for a long while - thanks muchly! My layout will be in Tampere, Finland.

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