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 Apple hat am 29.09.2009 06:02:10 geschrieben:
   Loved your Wizard Castle!
Thanks for sharing your model!

from Canada
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 hoyoung,chung hat am 17.09.2009 06:35:35 geschrieben:
   it was cool!!
south Korea*^^*
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 Rien Hagenaars hat am 01.09.2009 17:56:05 geschrieben:
   download Wizardcastle
I downloaded your Wizard castle. Looks good. Hope weather will soon be bad, so I can work on it.
Thanks a lot.

Im from Holland
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 Nikola Mayer Cikos hat am 26.08.2009 11:49:05 geschrieben:
   Big Thanks for Wizzard Castle!
Great work!Im going to build prototype Goathland station (NYMR) which will also serve as Hogsmeade station for my 1:148 Hogwarts Express. Castle will be a nice background addition

Cheers from Croatia!
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 Michael Emanuel hat am 15.08.2009 20:09:22 geschrieben:
   Thank you
I have been interested in a doing a Harry Potter Castle. Thank you

Forgot - Pittsburgh, PA
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 Hamilton hat am 02.08.2009 02:41:59 geschrieben:
Hey, nice job! Im from Brazil and Ive downloaded the Wizard Castle!
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 Prince Jain hat am 29.07.2009 11:47:21 geschrieben:
   Wizard Castle
I forgot to mention my details.
Prince Jain from Pune, India.
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 Prince Jain hat am 29.07.2009 11:45:41 geschrieben:
   Wizard Castle
Thanks a Lot klaus. Great work!!!
I was searching for hogwarts paper model and came accross your website.
Thanks again for making the great work freely available.
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 Mick Kench hat am 27.07.2009 02:55:02 geschrieben:
   I like your model railway layout
Hello Klaus
Wonderful modelling
I am into toy cars, but so glad I stumbled upon your web site.
Good luck with your future projects.
Mick from South London UK
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 System hat am 28.05.2009 03:46:05 geschrieben:
Willkommen in meinem Gästebuch. Über Einträge würde ich mich sehr freuen.
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